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Tibetan Purging Incense Powder - 2.65 Ounces / 75 Grams

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In Tibet, tradition of using incense exists since the beginning of human evolution. Buddhism flourished to a great extent in the 7th century AD under the reign of successive religious kings of Tibet, along with the preservation and development of making incense based on the secret tantric text by the great Indian buddhist scholar Nagarjuna. Various formulas for making incense were developed by the great scholar of Tibetan medicine like Zurkhar Lodoe Gyalpo and Deumar in 14th and 17th century AD respectively. These were well preserved by the modern scholars like Master Lobsang Gelek and in accordance with traditional formula this quality incense is prepared Tibetan Incense for Defilement Cleansing.

This incense has been manufactured under the guidance of Master Lobsang Gelek, the national level incense maker of Tibet, in accordance with Guru Padmasambhava’s scripture of Defilement Removing Incense of Blue Water God. It has been prepared meticulously by following various guidebooks relating to obstacle remover incense from all the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and the essence of incense to open up five mandalas of central channel. Furthermore, this incense contains various invaluable incense ingredients such as white / red sandal saffron, cardamom, clove, bezoar, and other strictly selected materials. It even incorporates the nectars of all the four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. After it’s manufacture, this incense has been subsequently blessed at the grand prayer ceremony of all the wrathful deities for 49 days, blessed for eternity for this incense to have power similar to that of all the wrathful deities and at the same time, the power to cleanse various environments, hospitals, graveyards, etc. of all the impurities and epidemics, thereby warding off all kinds of obstacles in life to bring lasting peace and longevity at home. Possessing all these wonderful merits, this is indeed a very auspicious and precious incense.

The auspicious merits of Tibetan Incense for Defilement Cleansing:

1. Subdue devils and remove obstacles.

2. Protect from harm and bring forth auspiciousness.

3. Cleanse defilement's.

4. Remove impurities.

5. Adamantine realms.

6. Liberate from bad karma's with others beings.

7. Brilliant primary deity.

8. Open the central channel.

9. Protected by Siddhis.

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Tibetan Purging Incense Powder:
Size: 2.65 Ounces/75 Grams

2 Reviews

Rosie Aug 31st 2018


Just wonderful! This incense is potent in its effects, and seemed to change the feeling in the room immediately as the smoke wafted into the corners. It's not an incense that's easy to find, even online, and Zambala has the best price I've found. This is one of those incenses that I think every house could benefit from, whether they feel that they have anything that needs "purging" from their home or not. If you haven't had much success with sage smudging, this stuff is the high-octane, next-level alternative. I have to say that I appreciate how FAST Zambala shipped this and I received it (especially with the low cost of shipping) and the updates I received as my order was processed.

Monique May 29th 2018

Lost Art

My incense was delivered at 11:28 am and within hours I received a message about a my art. A photo of a piece of art that I created 42 years ago appears. Someone was discussing a drawing and contacted a person that knew me. I never knew that anyone had a picture of it. It was a touching moment, very sentimental value that only I treasured.

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